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Catalysts specializes in creating right organization structure, people fitment and alignment which eventually leads to extra bandwidth for the owner and growth for the company

Top Management Alignment

One of the biggest challenge faced by any company in Indian scenario is top management alignment. A typical Indian top management comprises of multiple partners, family members, close friends etc. Its challenging to manage relationships professionally.
We have developed techniques to ensure alignment, transparency and accountability in the top management.


Most of the entrepreneurs, directors and CEO’s often have an idea of what the challenge or opportunity is but sometimes it gets put away while tackling day to day issues.

Hence Catalysts helps in decentralization or organizational structuring by which daily operations and decision-making responsibilities are delegated by top management to middle and lower-level mangers within the organization, allowing top management to focus more on major decisions. For sustainable growth, decentralization becomes important to facilitate efficient operations.

Expectation Leveling

It is important for an organisation that the top management is completely aligned in terms of thoughts, ideas, execution plan; and to do all that it is important that expectations of the individuals in the top team is voiced, discussed and debated and finally agreed upon.

Organization Reengineering

Organizations often know when something is wrong, isn’t efficient, or not working as intended. But they may need assistance in identifying and implementing solutions to address the issues. The view of an objective outsider who isn’t biased by the company’s past behaviors or practices can bring fresh perspective and insight. Catalysts can provide that independent and objective perspective.

Our approach focuses on reviewing all the different levels of an organization’s way of doing business and identifying critical business inefficiencies. We then collaborate with you to prioritize the challenges based on business impact and develop an action plan to correct the problems. Our goal is to deliver tangible results that improve service and support performance, raise customer satisfaction, boost financial performance, increased company profits, improved competitive advantage in the marketplace and enhanced public image.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is one of the most critical aspect of leadership its not an overnight journey but a strategic, well thought off process oriented activity. The big question for every leader is to get a successor from outside or develop some one from within the organization.

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