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Haresh Hirani, Chairman

DK Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Neeraj is a man of high Integrity, fair to the Employee & the  Employer. He has imbibed in us that people are most important & the most unpredictable ingredients of a successful Organization. He is calm in disturbing situations but thinks on his feet whenever necessary. He is a leader in himself who can inspire almost any group. Team building & Relationship Management are his forte. He is fair & open.He charged us high fees to ensure sincerity however in difficult times he let go of his fees & continues to work incessantly for the growth of the organisation. He is a Man of Integrity, commitment, positivity & fairness.

Hemant Nerurkar, Managing Director

MindCraft Software Pvt. Ltd.

Neeraj has been associated with MindCraft and me for over 3 years. He is very good at telling me that I am "wrong". That has helped me change myself in a lot of ways which has contributed immensely to MindCraft and me. His understanding of teams, their chemistry and the synergies between people is brilliant and helps bring the best out of them. Neeraj  helps develop the right strategies for the organization based on his understanding of the team's potential. The most interesting part is that he keeps out of core business operations and still helps me make the right business decisions.

Priyaj Jain, C.E.O.

Diamonds Factory

To build a successful organization we need a great team and Neeraj has helped us do exactly that. His ability to understand situations and people makes him who he is, a true catalyst. Neeraj I wish you good luck to keep excelling the positive energy in you and keep spreading the "positivity disease".

Rajeev Arya, C.E.O.

Rajeev Arya Financial Services

It has been almost more than one and a half years now since Neeraj and I have been officially associated and I sincerely thank God for my decision to select CATALYSTS to work upon me and my team. The experiences with him have been great that made us learn a lot of new things while making me inculcate several important habits in me and my team which very specifically has led us to think out of the box. I must say that his contribution all these months has taken us to new realms, has made it possible for us to taste new levels of success which happily can be translated qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The best part with Neeraj is that he has always been unbiased and never been partial. He has always been strongly supportive yet correcting me at the stages where I could not foresee the repercussions. The systems, tools and mechanisms suggested by him and his team are simple yet amazing and that is why none of us have ever resisted to implement them which ultimately has worked to the best of our interests. What I have liked the most about him is that I can always converse with him on any subject and that too freely and the wonderful part is that his responses and answers never come with any prejudice or with any preconceived notions. His approach has always been realistic, his solutions mostly workable and his suggestions very cost-effective. Thus the financial year that has just finished has given me the best of both of the worlds and we have done all time high business. I once again express my gratitude to God and him for being with me and my company. Thanks Sir

Arjun Erry, Tenured Partner

Hunt Partners

Hunt Partners have had a rewarding relationship with Neeraj Manchanda of Catalysts.  We first engaged Neeraj in 2008 to conduct an Outbound (experiential learning) session for our firm.  We were very impressed with the manner in which Neeraj conducted the workshop; in particular, with the level of insight Neeraj offered about our key team members. This opened the door to more engagements with him / his firm. Over the years, Neeraj has done a number of interventions for the firm and has been an important sounding-board to the founding partners.  The firm has benefited tremendously from Neeraj’s insight on organizational development, as well as him challenging our thinking on many matters.  Neeraj has contributed significantly to the evolution of our organization.

Sunit Mehra, Tenured Partner

Hunt Partners

“Neeraj has a unique ability to rapidly understand the pulse of the problem, and offer an effective solution that rapidly cuts through the multiple layers of an otherwise complex situation. His observations are succinct and to the point, with an easily implementable brief. We have enjoyed working with him over the years.”

Anuj Madhani, Director


Most important experience for me was meeting wonderful people from across the fields. The knowledge and experience I got from this is tremendous. I learnt a lot from their challenges and the way they overcame it. I can say I got a lot of insights about a lot of implementable things from the experience sharing of every person I m not sure how to express my learning. Neeraj have helped me find a way to my major doubts.

The overall experience can be termed as "AWESOME".

Dr. Avinash Kadam, Manging Director

D K Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

I dont believe that it was just a management session. There was a personal touch and bonding. I have started implementing things in right spirit and perspective. I have begun with small thing that is to be on time in office. I have started small sessions with my teammates. Sessions has re-in-forced my belief in TRUSTING people. I have started enjoying my work. It has re invented me again.

Vikram Sharma, Managing Director

Supreme Infrastructure Ltd.

These 3.5 days have been very enriching and learning. I would like to mention that the programme for more holistic where physical and mental rejuvenation is ensured.

While my takes from the workshop are many, I would try list down few those are prominent ones:

1. I have learnt the skill of how I can take Supreme from mere a contracting company to a centre of knowledge and excellence,

2. This kind of workshop will also help me to get in right kind of stature to be able to search questions within myself rather than be a dog. Searching a question mark is so important that takes to positivity to next level.

3. Along with the team, colleagues attending the workshop, I could understand their working, style and how those are leading their organizations.

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